Member Requirements

  • Members are expected to attend each monthly meeting and may miss no more than two meetings per year. Should a member be unable to attend a meeting, he/she is encouraged to send a substitute or guest representative.  If two meetings are missed in a twelve month period, membership status will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.
  • Members are also required to provide a lead to at least one member each quarter to stay in good membership standing. In order to qualify as a lead, a member must refer an individual or business to another member and communication must take place between them either by phone, email or in person. Leads are recorded on the NJNG website.
  • In order to get to know members and the products or services they provide, members are strongly encouraged to schedule “one-on-one” meetings during the month. Only by spending time together can we get to know each other well enough to feel confident making referrals. One on one meetings are recorded on the NJNG website.


  • A one-time (application) fee of $75 is paid when accepted for membership.
  • $200 dues are collected annually in April, but are prorated for the first year based on when a member joins.
  • These, as well as the monthly breakfast fee of $25, are collected by our treasurer.  Breakfast fees must be paid in either 6 month or 12 month increments.

Our monies are used for service to the community (in the form of contributions or hands on work), an annual scholorship and an end of year party. Some past community outreach includes our donations to those affected by Hurricane Sandy and serving lunch to those helped by OASIS, a Haven for Women and Children, in Paterson, NJ.

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